Reliable Partner on Electricity

Every day, everywhere, hundreds of millions of electrical products get plugged in. From personal care appliances to industrial production machinery, we depend upon electricity to support the life we enjoy.

It takes a lot more than an outlet on the wall to bring the power of electricity into our lives. It takes boxes and fittings. Connectors and fasteners. Wiring duct and terminal. Cable tray and strut. Grounding and insulation. Switchgear and high voltage rubber goods. Transmission poles and towers.

Peel back the walls of your home or office, look inside the electrical appliances that fill your home or workplace, or gaze out at the landscape on your next drive in the country, and you’ll find hundreds of Kingo products helping connect and transmit electricity for everyday use.

At Kingo, we focus on improving your business performance by providing practical, reliable electrical products & services that connect & protect for life and solve everyday problems in the areas of:

Cable Connection Systems
Over Head Line Distribution Systems
Telecommunication Systems
Cable Protection Systems
Cable Securing Systems
Grounding and Bonding Systems
Building Electric Systems

KINGO Products

At Kingo, we are committed to:

•Products which provide solutions to your electrical need
•Convenience of single-order, single-shipment to your site for thousands of stocking items
•Quality brands that have proven themselves over time
•Inventive design and manufacture of problem-solving products
•Offering a best-of-class warranty and returns policy
•Uniform carton labeling with additional bar-coding for convenient inventory management
•Nationwide network of stocking electrical distributors
•Outstanding customer service capability
Supplying you with the right products, convenient packaging, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.


We are here to provide high-quality, safe, and high additional value products and service.

To be the leader of thermal material industry in the word.

We recognize the primacy of the group. we work together to pursue the best result and never give up.

To customer: We put our customer at the center of our focus and try our best to maximum customer values.
To employee: We recognize employees as the source of our success, and pay much attention on improving employee satisfaction.


To support our customers by providing superior products and service. we aim to provide them with value which help them gain competitive advantage in their markets.

We constantly seek new technologies in production such as cost innovation, as well as creative business practices to further support our customers.

To develop diversified markets which provide stability and adequate financial returns which allow us to achieve our vision and to provide opportunity to further grow KINGO to become an internationally recognized and acknowledged producer of electricity products.

Employees are the biggest asset of our structure that is why we commit ourselves to constantly train and develop their abilities and skills. Employees satisfaction reached through high corporate spirit and a healthy and inspiring environment for all of us at KINGO.