• Insulation Piercing Connectors

Insulation Piercing Connectors


※This connector is used for connecting the insulated conductors to the low voltage A.B.C.(Aerial Bundled Conductors).
※It is used to establish T-connections and Joint-connections.

※Insulation piercing is carried out on the main conductors simultaneously.
※The connection of tap conductor is established by insert tap conductor after stripping of insulation.
※Tightening efficiency is ensured by two shear head screws both on the main and tap connections.
※This connector is according to the criteria of NF C 33-020 and EN 50-483.

• Take out of the connector from the cover.
• Strip the insulation of tap conductor and insert into the connector, use a spanner to tigthen the screw.
• Insert the insulated main conductor into the connector.
• Strip the insulation of tap conductor and insert into the connector.
• Use a spanner and tighten the connector on the main conductors until the shear head breaks.
• The permanent screw head is only provided for possible dismantling, and must not be used to re-tighten the screw after the first head has broken.
• Put the cover back.

Part No. Item Mains Cable
Branch Cable
Number of Bolts
B011001 CPB-1 35-95 6-50 1
B011002 CPB-2 35-95 2×6-50 2