• Insulation Piercing Connectors NETWORK

Insulation Piercing Connectors NETWORK


※This connector is used to establish the tap connection from a low voltage A.B.C.(Aerial Bundled Conductors) network to another network of the same type.

※Insulation piercing is carried out on the main and tap conductors simultaneously in a single tightening operation.
※The dielectric strength in water is greater than 6kV.
※The tightening screw is potential free.
※Tightening efficiency is ensured by a shear head screw.
※The connector end cap is flexible so that to feel good tap conductor insertion simply by hand. It is carrying grease, granting water-tightness around tap conductor end on long terms basis. It is linked on connector body so that to avoid eventual loss during handling, installation and environment (wind, wild life…).
※This connector is according to the criteria of NF C 33-020 and EN 50-483.

• Insert the insulated tap conductor into the connector so that its end seats in the flexible end cap.
• Use a spanner and tighten the connector on the insulated conductor of the bundle until the shear head breaks.
• The permanent screw head is only provided for possible dismantling, and must not be used to re-tighten the screw after the first head has broken.
• Implementation can be carried out on a live line but with no load on the tap conductor.

Part No. Item Mains Insulated
Al-Cu mm²
Tap Insulated
Al-Cu mm²
Number of Bolts
B010104 IPC 25-95/25-95 25-95 25-95 1
B010105 IPC 35-150/35-150 35-150 35-150 1
B010106 IPC 95-240/95-240 95-240 95-240 2