• Heat Shrinkable Insulation Butt Splice

Heat Shrinkable Insulation Butt Splice


Features and Applications:
※BS-24 heat-shrinkable butt splice is manufactured byco-extrusion of super high strength polymeric materials and hot-melt adhesive. Designed to provide both insulation and sealing for wire connector.
※The Butt Splice is resistant to water, spray, oil, saltwater and most hazardous chemicals.
※Shrink ratio: 3:1
※Operating temperature: -55°C~125°C
※Minimum shrink temperature: 110°C
※Standard color: Red, Yellow, Blue

Part No. Size (mm) Supplied ID (mm) Color Wire Range (mm2) Voltage Packing (pcs/bag)
D012801 BS24-R1 4.2 Red 1.30 600V 1000
D012802 BS24-B2 4.9 Blue 1.52 600V 1000
D012803 BS24-Y3 6.4 Yellow 1.91 600V 1000

Technical properties:

Property Test Method Typical Data
Tensile strength ASTM D 2671 ≥26MPa(min)
Longitudinal shrinkage UL224 0 to -10%
Volume resistance ASTM D 876 ≥1014Ω.cm(min.)
Water absorption ASTM D 570 <0.5%
Fluid resistance(23 ℃/ 24 hrs) ASTM D 2671 Good to excellent
Dielectric strength ASTM D 2671 15kV/mm