• Anchoring Clamps Service Cable SAC-6

Anchoring Clamps Service Cable SAC-6


※This anchoring clamp is used for fixing or suspending low voltage service A.B.C. (Aerial Bundled Conductors)

※The blocks are made of UV resistant, glass fibre reinforced synthetic material. They are held open via the use of springs.
※The conductors are attached using a combination of blocks and a bolt. The nut is used to tight well.
※Each conductor runs through a separate channel and ensure conductors are anchored by distributing the load, protecting the insulation.
※The arm is made of hot-dip galvanised steel. A large hole at the end allows anchoring of the clamp on a bracket or a hook fixed on a pole or facade. The arm offers an opening through an oblong hole.

• Unscrew the nut without removing it. The blocks are held opened using springs.
• Open the A.B.C and insert each conductor into one of the channels.
• Anchor the end of the clamp on a bracket or a hook.
• Screw the nut using a spanner to ensure fixing of the conductors.

Part No. Item Cable Size
B010805 SAC-4 2 x 16-35
B010806 SAC-5 2 – 4 x (16-35)
B010807 SAC-6 2 – 4 x (16-35)