• Anchoring Clamps Service Cable SAC-3

Anchoring Clamps Service Cable SAC-3


※These anchoring clamps are used for fixing low voltage service A.B.C. (Aerial Bundled Conductors).

※The body is made of UV resistant, glass fibre reinforced synthetic material.
※The wedge is made of UV resistant synthetic material. Separate channels ensure the clamping to distribut the loads, protecting the insulation.
※The hook have good corrosion resistance.
※The hook can be adjusted to position.
※All of the elements are captive.
※These anchoring clamps are according to the criteria of NF C 33-042 and EN 50-483.

• Fix the bracket of the fixing clamp on a pole using a bolt with the suitable washer or using two stainless steel straps.
• Remove the wedge from the body. Open the A.B.C. where the implementation has to be done.
• Position the wedge inside the A.B.C at approximately 10cm from the anchoring point.
• Remove the handle from the body by pressing both rods to release the hooks.
• Position the body on the A.B.C.
• Pull the body on the wedge making sure that it is positioned correctly.
• Attach the handle to the anchoring point and place it back into the body by pressing on the 2 rods.
• The conductors are tightening automatically between the wedge and the body of the clamp.

Part No. Item Cable Size
B010801 PA25 2×16-4×25
B010808 STA 1×10-16
B010802 SAC-1 1×16-95
B010803 SAC-2 2×16-25
B010804 SAC-3 4×16-25