ABC Nylon Cable Ties and Tie Mounts



This cable tie made of black synthetic material is used to tighten the phase and neutral conductors in order to achieve correct installation.
It is used to prevent the phase conductors from rubbing against accessories such as clamps.


The cable tie is made of black UV resistant synthetic material.
The strap has outside teeth for a 9mm width to secure fixing.
The black UV resistant synthetic material cable tie mounts are suitable for 9mm wide cable ties.

Cable Ties

Part No. Item Length
Max. Bundle
F010503 T5-180D 180 9.0 44
F010504 T5-260 260 9.0 60
F010505 T5-350 350 9.0 90
F010132 T1-9.0×500 500 9.0 140
F010137 T1-9.0×750 750 9.0 220

Tie Mounts

Part No. Item No. Dimensions(mm)
H H1 W L L1
F011501 TH-8 37 6 10 12.7 9.7